In 1999 we started to enable a connected audience to share their passions, when, where and how they wanted.¬†Over a decade and a half later our content has been shared all over the globe by millions of people, and the once disruptive media called the “internet” has become the main stream. What hasn’t changed is our mission to create social content for a social generation.

Unplugged is a Creative Collective; part production company, part creative team, and part content studio solely focused on the best way to tell a story. We start with core creative thinking, then we mobilize creators from our network and develop the best possible execution across any platform. As a result our work spans multiple disciplines and covers all forms of media, including web, commercials, TV, branded content, animation and feature films. It’s about thinking beyond what has been successful in the past and creating a new way to execute effective storytelling to todays audience. Doubt the conventional, create the exceptional.