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Written by:

Richard D’Alessio and Tim Hedrick

What happens when two American stoners chase a girl of their dreams to India to party like rock stars at the Electric Wonderland party in Goa, only to find themselves lost, robbed and broke before they’re within a thousand miles of the beach? 

It’s an adventure they won’t remember and one you’ll never forget.

Nug and Dave have been best friends since childhood, a couple of big dreamers and lovable losers.  Dave’s dream is to be an actor, but the closest he’s come is mistakenly starring in an anal gangbang in a musical gay porno.  Nug’s dream is to be a travel writer, even though he can barely spell.  He splits his days between selling weed in a pot shop in Venice Beach and getting blazed while watching the Travel Channel.  They’re going nowhere fast.

But when a beautiful girl from Nug’s past shows up at his shop on the arm of international rave star DJ Beaver, Nug convinces Dave to follow them to Goa in search of the drug-filled adventure of a lifetime – the Electric Wonderland Party.


With that level of commitment and planning, what could go wrong?  Everything!

When Nug and Dave arrive in India, they accidentally kill a rat that turns out to be a local deity, take jobs as extras in a Bollywood film, fall off a train and land in a traveling circus, jack off elephants to earn their keep, have  a sexual interlude with a pair of gorgeous Siamese twins, and go on a vision quest that results in a spiritual awakening and a full-on rave with a band of monkeys.

Will Nug and Dave make it to Goa for the Electric Wonderland party with their friendship and their lives intact?  Will Nug finally get to bone the girl of his dreams?  Will they discover the true identity of the mysterious DJ Beaver?   Or will the whole adventure end up being one long bad trip?  One thing is for sure, you won’t want to miss Electric Wonderland.